The Jamie Hodgson Jazz Collection

Jamie Hodgson - 50's and 60's Jazz photo archive

Jamie Hodgson was known for his fashion photography but his real passion was jazz! He began documenting the visits of jazz musicians to Britain as a hobby in the 1950's, attending performances across London, and capturing the immediacy and spontaneity of the jazz movement both on and off stage.

Take a look at his wonderful images of Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Lionel Hampton, Velma Middleton, Barrett Deems and Louis Armstrong. Unquestionably Hodgson’s favourite subject, and of whom he said 'He’s a wonderful musician and a very humble man, probably the most humble famous person that I've ever met’ was Satchmo.

His photographic collection, 'Masters of Jazz: Unseen Portraits', which exhibited in the foyer of the National Theatre, demonstrated Hodgon's great skill at capturing the seminal moment but also conveyed his passion for that golden era and its legendary musicians.

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