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Looking for some inspiration? Take a look through the galleries below. We often uncover great stories behind our images, and regularly research and group together pictures from all our collections to create interesting and visually rich story-lines. We update this list on a monthly basis - so please check back for more ideas!

ft-judi-dench2          The Many Faces of Judi Dench
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She made her professional debut in 1957 for The Old Vic Company and has subsequently built an award-winning internationally recognised career in theatre, television, radio and film. Over these several lightboxes we look through our photographers' lens at a remarkable career spanning over 5 decades.

ft-wwi-front-line (2)

WWI Era Entertainment - Music in the Trenches and other Front-Line Entertainment
View images of WWI Front-line Entertainment
Music, song, theatre and organised dances were a popular pastime for many on the front and support lines. A distraction from the horrors of warfare, and a way to bring the men together for a boost of morale. We have scoured our archives and those of our international partner libraries to bring you a rare and insightful collection of images depicting these soldiers performing as musicians, singers and actors. 


Evolution of the Theatre Poster

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The theatre poster as we know it has a long and illustrious history going form hand drawn notices right up to reaching today's digital audiences. Different types of production, as well as the fashions of the era, have influenced the evolution of poster design. Take a look at the selection in the link below to discover more about our fantastic collection of theatre, dance, opera, music hall, pantomime and circus posters. 


WWI Era Entertainment - A Treasure Trove of WWI Era British Music Hall 

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WWI saw the Edwardian entertainment genre of Music Hall reach its peak appeal by playing an integral role in government propaganda, military recruitment and boosting the morale of millions of soldiers and members of the public at home and on the front line. Famous songs of the time include 'It's a Long Way to Tipperary' 'Good-bye-ee' 'Pack up Your Troubles' and the notorious 'Oh! It's a lovely war'. 

ft-conductors Il Maestro – The Worlds Greatest Conductors
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The conductor has been a common feature of the orchestra since the mid-19th century when the baton was first raised as a means of beating time to music.We have put together an extensive selection of images as well as highlighting 20 of our favourite conductors both past and present.

Top 20 Conductors - more images here