The University Of Bristol Theatre Collection

University of Bristol - the second largest theatre image archive in the world.

The University of Bristol Theatre Collection the world's second largest archive of British theatrical memorabilia and holds a vast array of archival material including over 3,000 playbills, posters and songsheets, over 150,000 theatre programmes and a huge collection of photographs from numerous photographic and design collections (listed below). The collection is particularly strong in material relating to the London stage and 18th- and 19th- century theatre.

The following collections are part of the University of Bristol Theatre Collection:

John Vickers Archive
Mander and Mitchenson Collection
Bertram Park and Yvonne Gregory Glass Plate Collection
Stephen Moreton-Prichard Collection
Richard Southern Collection 
Visualising Theatre Project
Bristol Old Vic Archive
Julia Trevelyan Oman Archive
London Old Vic Archive
Magic Lantern Slide Collection
Yolanda Sonnabend Archive
Theatre Collection Design Collection

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