Mander and Mitchenson photo theatre archive

“There is no branch of theatre, broadcasting and television which has not, at some time, needed to consult them”
Sir Noël Coward

After meeting as actors in 1939, Joe Mitchenson and Raymond Mander, founded their now world famous Theatre Collection. Consisting of over 1,500 archive boxes containing playbills, posters, programmes, engravings, cuttings and photographs reflecting the public and private life of London and regional theatre from the 18th century to modern times.

The material, which is particularly strong in 18th and 19th century theatre history, was collected through sales, auctions and donations from friends such as Noel Coward, Sir John Gielgud, Somerset Maugham, Angus McBean and Dame Sybil Thorndike.
The collection covers every sub-genre of the theatrical world, including classic productions, music hall, variety, circus, dance, opera, singers, composers, world theatre, actors and actresses, designers and dramatists. With files on every actor and actress of note in the British theatre and one of the most extensive records of long forgotten and current theatres, the archive provides an invaluable and well informed resource.

“Its vast array of material is an archive of national importance used by researchers and scholars alike. An unrivalled public and educational service in its own sphere”
Sir Peter Hall

For more information about the Mander and Mitchenson Collection and to view a list of the entire Reference Box Collection please visit the University of Bristol Theatre Collection website

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ROMEO AND JULIET by Shakespeare ;
Peggy Mount as Nurse ;
Judi Dench as Juliet ;
Directed by Franco Zefirelli ;
Old Vic Production ;
at the Waterloo Road Theatre, London, UK ;
30 September 1960 ;
Photographer: Fox Photos Ltd ;
Credit: Mander and Mitchenson / University of Bristol / ArenaPAL


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