The Stanislavski Centre

Konstantin Stanislavsky theatre photo archive

The Stanislavski Centre (Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance) photographic collection consists of more than 200 rare images relating to the great actor, director and dramatic theorist Constantin Stanislavski. Taken between 1893 and 1919 this historic collection of Uncle Vanya, The Power of Darkness, The Inspector General, Lonely Lives, Anathema, Julius Caesar and The Lower Depths includes some of the first in-performance productions shots.
Stanislavskiā€˜s work producing and directing the plays of Anton Chekhov, Leo Tolstoy, Maxim Gorky, Leonid Andreev, Gerhart Hauptmann, Nikolai Gogol and William Shakespeare along with many other fine writers has had a profound effect on theatre performance across Europe and the USA.

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1860 - 1904 ;
Russian Physician, short story writer, playwright ;
in his study at his home in Yalta , Russia ;
Circa 1900 ;
Credit : The Stanislavski Centre / ArenaPAL


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