Chris Davies

“Creative work is the most interesting for me. When the creative mind and body are engaged, work and play become integrated, which surely is a state to be desired. The fixed image allows me time to look and to contemplate, and sometimes to better understand what was happening at the moment.”
Chris worked as a freelance photographer from the 1970s covering hard news and the performing and visual arts. He was a regular contributor to Simon Guttman’s Report agency, focusing on the working lives of people and their culture at what was a period of huge social change in UK Society and when trade union membership was at its peak.

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CATS by Lloyd-Webber ;
Elaine Paige as Grizabella ;
Bonnie Langford as Rumpleteazer ;
Finola Hughes as Victoria ;
Directed by Trevor Nunn ;
Original production ;
at the New London Theatre ;
London, UK ;
1981 ;
Credit: Chris Davies / ArenaPAL


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