Joan Marcus

Most of the world sees Broadway through the eyes of Joan Marcus. Since the early 1990s, Joan has been one of the preeminent theatrical photographers working in the USA today and responsible for photographing well over 500 shows on and off Broadway as well as regionally.
A graduate of George Washington University in DC where she studied anthropology she started her photographic career printing other people's photos at the Kennedy Center to earn extra money. She found she was good at it, which led to more photo-printing jobs, which led to photography gigs and finally an appointment as house photographer. Her Broadway career began when she moved to New York in 1986 to photograph the production ‘Lillian’
In 2014 Joan received a Tony Honor for Excellence in the Theater.

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ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS by Olding, Bean ;
Trevor Laird as Lloyd Boateng ;
James Corden as Francis Henshall ;
Oliver Chris as Stanley Stubbers ;
Jemima Rooper as Rachel Crabbe ;
Directed by Hytner ;
at Music Box Theatre ;
New York City, USA ;
18 April 2012 ;
Credit: Joan Marcus / ArenaPAL


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