Kaith Saunders

Keith has over 30 years experience working with musicians, opera singers, orchestras, choirs and actors.
“I lucked into a job in London assisting a music photographer and immediately liked being around the performers and music makers and the people enabling the performances. When I began shooting on my own it was clear to me that music photography was what I should focus on most and 30 years later I still love it as much as I did when I started. Classical music has so much variety and there are so many interesting people involved. I love the music and am very lucky to hear plenty of it played during my shoots. As musicians are primarily in the business of sounding fantastic, many are not so comfortable in front of the camera so it is delightful to work with them to make them feel good and therefore look great in their publicity photographs. And it is thrilling to photograph an orchestra in full flight from up close, sometimes in amongst the musicians, feeding off the energy of the playing.”
His ArenaPAL performing arts archive starts in 1991 and covers a huge range of classical music venues, events and industry professionals . He has worked extensively in the UK, USA, Europe as well as his current home base Australia.
“Keith will send something great through - he is familiar with our look and I love his work!” Jill Colvin, Sydney Festival

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Jaap Van Zweden - conductor ;
at the Sydney Opera House, Australia ;
5 May 2017 ;
Credit: Keith Saunders / ArenaPAL


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