Leslie E. Spatt

Leslie E. Spatt is one of the most distinguished and successful specialist dance and ballet photographers of the last forty years. Based in the UK, her photographs have appeared thousands of times in ballet magazines and in the mainstream press. She has worked directly with many of the world’s leading ballet companies, including the Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet (formerly The New Group; Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet), Stuttgart Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet, the Kirov Ballet and Dance Theatre of Harlem.

Her books include Sibley and Dowell (1976); Stuttgart Ballet (1978); Birgit Keil: Porträt einer Ballerina (1980); Antoinette Sibley (1981); Swan Lake: Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet (1983); and The Sleeping Beauty: Behind the Scenes at the Ballet (1995).

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Act 3 pas de deux ;
Darcey Bussell ;
Richard Bolle ;
The Royal Ballet ;
Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, UK ;
March 2003 ;
Credit: Leslie E. Spatt / ArenaPAL


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