Rik Walton

Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, Rik has been a photographer for 48 years, specialising in Music, Theatre and Event photography. His extensive photographic coverage of music performances at Newcastle City Hall through the 70s and 80s includes a wide selection of established, up and coming and niche bands and individual musicians. In addition he also covered the theatre productions from the Newcastle Playhouse. These venues and their performances are just a small section of Rik’s performing arts archive.
Rik has also documented projects for Street Child Africa in Ghana, Mozambique and Zambia: an HIV-AIDS drama project in Lesotho, and Dinganga Theatre Creations, a dance theatre in Soweto. As an educator Rik has worked as a full time lecturer in FE and devised and run short courses in photography and IT.

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Robb Weir, Jess Cox, Brian Dick and Rocky Laws ;
Whitley Bay, UK ;
1980s ;
Credit: Rik Walton / ArenaPAL


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