Scott Rylander

Scott has been a London based photographer focusing on theatre and the performing arts for ten years. He has photographed productions everywhere, from the smallest 30 seat studios to the largest West End and regional touring venues but, wherever he is, it is always about finding the moments that immerse the viewer in the experience.
“It is still a privilege, each and every time, to be able to share in the incredible creative process of theatre. My obsession is finding the shot that tells a story and breathes the life of a show.”

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LE GRAND MORT by Clark ;
L-R ;
James Nelson-Joyce as Tim ;
Julian Clary as Michael ;
Directed by Renshaw ;
Designed by Nardella ;
at Trafalgar Studios ;
London, UK ;
20 September 2017 ;
Credit: Scott Rylander / ArenaPAL


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