Sim Canetty-Clarke

“Photographing musicians enables me to combine my love of photography and my love of music. I love the diversity of my work – and the clients – no two days are ever the same.”

Sim Canetty-Clarke grew up with classical music all around her and after studying Film, Photography and Television at the London College of Printing her future career was an obvious choice.

“If I’m photographing a conductor in rehearsal, I’ll try to listen to the piece of music as much as I can before the shoot, because it’s really useful to know when they’re going to make big gestures or the small, more intimate ones. If you can pre-empt their movements, you’ll be ready for the best shots.”

Sim’s archive of classical music includes rehearsals, live performances and portraits of composers, conductors, musicians, singers, orchestras, choirs and other related classical music imagery.

“A portrait enables you to get to know the person better, but I always consider it a treat to photograph a musician performing, as I feel like I’m getting my very own private free concert.”

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b. 1961 ;
British Pianist
London, UK
July 2016
Credit: Sim Canetty - Clarke / ArenaPAL


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