Theatre Photography

Theatre Photography

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Our theatre imagery is vast and always expanding. This collection comprises one of the most extensive visual databases of historical and current theatrical photography and illustration available for licensing anywhere in the world.

Theatre imagery reflects not only the genre itself but our cultural and social history, making it an extremely versatile vehicle for the expression of both specific topics as well as metaphorical ideas in print, broadcast and design.

We exclusively represent The University Of Bristol Theatre Collection which is comprised of several archives including The Mander and Mitchenson Collection (prolific archive spanning antiquity to modern theatre), The John Vickers Archive (1940s - 1950s), Bertram Park and Yvonne Gregory Glass Plate Collection (1920s - 1930s) and The Stephen Moreton-Prichard Archive (Greenwich Theatre 1969 - 1984). For further information please see The University Of Bristol Theatre Collection profile.

We also exclusively represent the Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance's photographic collection The Stanislavski Centre which consists of more than 200 rare images relating to the great actor, director and dramatic theorist Constantin Stanislavski.

In addition we provide access to the archives of many of the world’s leading stage production and press photographers including Ivan Kyncl, Johan Persson, Simon Annand, Laurence Burns, Conrad Blakemore, Marilyn Kingwill, John Timbers, Nigel Norrington, Henrietta Butler, Mark Douet and Sheila Burnett whose combined portfolios cover everything theatrical including productions, actor portraits, props, costumes and backstage and rehearsal images dating back to the 1960s. Current production photography is uploaded on a daily basis and covers virtually all West End openings as well as a wide selection of plays from London’s fringe theatre and UK regional theatres.

Via our international partners we also provide access to theatre imagery from around the world. Agencies include: Roger Viollet (France), Ullstein bild (Germany) and Le Pictorium (France).

As with other areas of our collections, we have access to large archives of images that have yet to be digitised. Therefore if you can't see exactly what you are looking for on our website, please get in touch using the Assisted Picture Research form and we will find the image for you.

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THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG by Lewis, Shields, and Sayer ;
Edward Judge as Robert ;
Jason Callender as Jonathan ;
Directed by Bell ;
Set Design by Hook ;
Lighting Design by Mountjoy ;
Costume Design by Surace ;
West End 2018 Season;
at the Duchess Theatre ;
London, UK ;
27 March 2018 ;
Credit: Helen Murray / ArenaPAL


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